About Us

I have worked in the jewellery trade for over 30 years with a passion for one off specially commissioned pieces designed and made in house. I have the patience and dexterity to carry out these jobs to the very highest of standards.

Gold and Silver Jewellery, or Antique Repair and Restoration, is my speciality.

Nowadays, it is sad many people throw away jewellery or antiques when they are damaged, broken or the matching pair is lost. It’s often because people do not know there are experts who specialise in repairing such items to their original pristine condition.

All these problems, or any Gold or Silver problem, can usually be solved with my skills and experience. I take great pride in each and every commission I am asked to do.

I accept items of jewellery or antiques posted to me from anywhere in the UK and overseas. Please call me first.

Please call me on 01458 251794 and describe the problem or email me a photograph or fill out the form and attach a picture.

I will be pleased to let you know how I can repair it for you and restore it to its original condition.

Kind regards
Gerald Hawton
Professional Gold and Silversmith

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